CNC Warrior Brake and Replacement Detent Pin for the Zastava M92 PAP

To be imported, the M92 has a muzzle nut, or muzzle cap, installed over the threads with a single big weld.  It’s obvious where the weld is and guess what?  It can be easily removed and if you look close that will also then clear the detent spring hole as well.

DSC_0048 DSC_0049

There are a few brake options out there for the M92.  Bear in mind that like many Yugo rifles, the designers made the size and thread of the M92’s muzzle unique.  It is left-hand 26mm wide with a 1.5mm pitch thread – definitely an oddball.   At any rate, CNC Warrior makes a four piece Bulgarian style brake that really cuts down on muzzle flash that I have been drooling over for a while plus they make a number of other brakes, adapters and fake cans that can fit that thread.

The following are more detailed photos for you.  By pulling the small locking wire down, the end cap can be unscrewed and the brake disassembled into its four parts – the body, cap, cone and spring.








They also sell a detent pin kit so you can have the original method to retain the brake as well and it can be installed in literally less than five minutes because the PAP comes with all the holes drilled:


Click here for our post that shows how to install them.

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