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Check out Aaron’s sweet M92 SBR with our Handguards

Aaron built this SBR by starting with a Zastava M92 PAP pistol kit and then took it from there.  The results are very clean!

Note, we now offer the handguard two ways – we are trying to keep steady supply of black models and you can click here to check availability.

We also offer them through custom ordering for different colors.  Click here for those.

Check out Chris’ Khyber Pass-Style AK with our Tula 6-2 grip

Chris put together this rifle and intentionally wanted it to look something assembled from parts in the Khyber Pass.  I think he pulled it off!

The rifle has one of our Tula 6-2 grips on  it in Dark Russian Plum.  Because the think wax we apply oxidizes, the grip looks lighter than what it actually is and Chris wanted that mix-and-match look.

I definitely like the way the rifle turned out!!

(By the way – Click here if you want to know the wax I recommend for bringing out the color in our furniture.)