Introducing the New Unique Hatsan Jet II: Post 3 – Mounting a Scope

In first post, I told you a little about the Jet I and II pistols and how I ordered a Jet II in .22 plus I shared some specifications and photos. In the last post I went over adding a moderator and in this post, I am going to show you how to add a scope. Because the Jet I and II are almost identical other than the twin air cylinders in the II, this post should help anyone wanting to add sound suppression to their Hatsan Jet pistol/carbine.

Okay, so you have two rail sections – one runs the length of the barrel and the second section is just behind the breach. Despite what you may read that the pistol is set for an 11mm dovetail, which is partly true, it is also set up for Picatinny rails. I noticed in my Hatsan Gladius that they did this interesting hybrid optics rail that supported both and they did it again with the Jet.

This means you have tons and tons of options. Now, I went with an inexpensive UTG 3-12×44 compact scope with a 30mm tube, adjustable objective, illuminated M-il-Dot reticle and rings. (This is their SCP3-UM312AOIEW scope). I don’t use UTG on firearms but I have no problem running them on airguns and have used a number of different models over the years. Honestly, you can run whatever you want as long as you can figure out how to mount it and clear the mag and the breach area. Click here to go to Amazon to see a number of different UTG scopes.

Now this next part is a bit of a work in process. Right now I am running a medium height 2″ offset scope mount like you would find on an AR. I think it is from Primary Arms but am not 100% sure. What I wanted to do was to keep the mount purely on the barrel to avoid any alignment issues between that section and the rear section. Even as far back as I can move the scope, I still have to choke up on the gun a bit to get the proper eye relief on the scope. I may either move to a 3″ offset mount or just go ahead and try seeing what I can do with two separate rings and see how the alignment goes. Another option might be a scope with longer eye relief … we’ll see how things go.

Let’s take a look…

You have all of the rail space on the barrel.
Plus a little bit more on the rear. I was worried about alignment over time and opted to just mount on the barrel but I am rethinking that and may try a pair of rings in the future,
My first test optic was a 1-6×24 Vortex Strike Eagle. For airgun work there is just not enough magnification bit it did confirm the rail was configured to properly hold a Picatinny rail mount.
The top dovetail is the small 11mm style. I don’t know if you can see the contour of the top and how it is beveled – that is for the larger Picatinny mounts. It’s unorthodox but if works. The end of the day this is a PCP (pre-charged pneumatic – meaning it has cylinders of compressed air) airgun and will have little to no recoil to deal with.
This is a one piece 30mm mount with a 2″ offset. My best guess is that I bought it from Primary Arms but I really am not sure because it was sitting lose on a shelf with no packaging. It’s about a medium height.
The mount just barely clears the magazine. The magazine sticks up about 0.392″ from the bottom of the rail just so you know and it is the highest thing you need to clear. The magazine slides in straight from the side and is held in place by friction fit so you don’t need to worry about lifting the mag out – it just needs to be able to slide in under the mount or the scope tube itself.

Boresighting the scope

Now this was a bit of an adventure. I like to use a laser boresighter but I couldn’t find any of the collets for stabilizing the stem so I wound up inserting and stabilizing it with one hand while adjusting the scope knobs. In the end, I was about 6″ down and 3″ right of the bullseye at 10 yards but it did get me close enough to actually shoot and dial in the scope.

So let’s wrap up this post

Instead of dealing with the 11mm dovetail, I am happily using the Picatinny rail. The combination of one piece 2″ offset mount and UTG compact scope are working for now. I just wish I could get the scope a tad further back or get a scope with longer eye relief. I may get a 3″ offset mount and give it a try as I really would like to mount the scope to the barrel’s rail.

So far so good. I hope this gives you some ideas.

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