Introducing the New Unique Hatsan Jet II: Post 2 – Adding A Moderator

In the last post, I told you a little about the Jet I and II pistols and how I ordered a Jet II in .22 plus I shared some specifications and photos. In this post, I am going to show you how to add a moderator. Because the Jet I and II are almost identical other than the twin air cylinders in the II, this post should help anyone wanting to add sound suppression to their Hatsan Jet pistol/carbine.

It comes with a threaded shroud that stabilizes and protects the barrel plus provides a 1/2″-20 threaded end. It does not come with any sound suppression out of the box. For those of you are familiar with sound suppression in airguns, they go by a number of names – moderators, air strippers, suppressors and sometimes silencers. Personally, I use the term moderator to make it very different from firearms and avoid confusion.

Next, airgun moderators are not regulated like firearm suppressors are plus the designers take great care for them to not work on firearms – the threading is different and the internals are made from plastics or fibers that will melt or blow apart if put on a firearm. The moderator market is competitive and different vendors have different designs with varying degrees of effectiveness,

In short, airgun suppressors are made for use only on airguns and they do serve real purposes – they make the gun backyard friendly to avoid worrying neighbors, they reduce the sound signature to not scare away whatever pest or game you are trying to shoot plus if you have a big bore airgun the reduced sound levels protect your ears.

Now, when t comes to a .22, there isn’t a very loud retort when the airgun fires but you definitely can hear it. By using a moderator, the airgun becomes very quiet. It’s not perfectly silent – that’s largely a myth just like firearms – but it sure does quiet them down.

Last comment – many airguns come with moderators built in such as the Hatsan Quiet Energy line plus many of the more expensive PCP airguns either come with a moderator built into the shroud or have a threaded barrel to allow one to be screwed on.

There are three moderator companies that I have had very good luck with and have no hesitation recommending – DonnyFL, Huggett Precision Products and EdGun. In today’s post, I’ll use a Huggett Snipe that I bought from Utah Airguns (who has quite a selection of brands and models) and a DonnyFL A21 adapter to mount it.

Let’s Get To It!

These holes that look like ports in the shroud are just for looks – the same way that having the serrations in a shroud are for looks. The shroud stabilizes and protects the barrel plus has threading for adding a moderator but that’s it. There is no integral moderator. You’ll need to add that but that’s ok and I’ll tell you why and how in another post.
Inside the muzzle end of the shroud are 1/2-20 threads for adding a moderator. So, if you get a 1/2-20 male to male fitting, you can add your favorite brand of moderator. I’ll cover more about this later.
This is the DonnyFL A21 adapter with the tread protector screwed on. Note, there are other male-to-male 1/2-20 adapters out there. I went with DonnyFL as they are a good business work with and their machining is always top notch.
This is the DonnyFL A21 adapter and it simply screws into the end of the shroud. I am happy to report that the barrel does appear to be properly centered. I was not so luck with my Gladius and could not mount an external adapter. For my Jet II though, it lines up great. Note, it comes with a threaded muzzle protector / thread protector that screws off. It’s very nicely made and finished by the way.
One nice feature is that both ends of the adapter have holes in them so you can insert something round, like my punch here, and snug down the adapter. Bear in mind that the threaded adapter is screwing into polymer. You just want to snug it down or else you are liable to strip out the shroud’s polymer threads. You do want to do this because when you screw the moderator on or off, you want the adapter to stay put and it will. Just don’t go crazy with the torque is my warning.
This is a Snipe made by Huggett Precision Products in the UK. It is threaded for 1/2 UNF which means Unified Fine which is also is written as 1/2-20 meaning 20 threads per inch.
The business end
This is the 1/2-20 threaded base.
The moderator is lightly screwed onto the DonnyFL adapter.
Again, it all lines up and shoots great.

So let’s wrap up this post

Okay – the combination of Hatsan Jet II, DonnyFL A21 adapter and Huggett Snipe moderator work really well. I bet you’re wondering about the scope and that will be the next post.

Note, I have to buy all of my parts – nothing here was paid for by sponsors, etc. I do make a small amount if you click on an ad and buy something but that is it. You’re getting my real opinion on stuff.

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