Hatsan AT-P2 QE Reviews and Videos That I found Helpful When Researching My Purchase

In the old days, kids I mean like the 1970s and 80s in my case, you went to the library and read old magazines or asked your friends about what they knew.  These days, we tap into the web and can watch videos and read reviews.  I tell you, it’s pretty amazing what you can find.  So, when I was researching what small precharged pneumatic (PCP) pistol or bullpup to buy for discrete pest control use mostly in 10-15 yards vs. my .22 Hatsan Gladius Long, I hopped on and started digging.

I quickly got my selection narrowed down to the Hatsan AT-P2 QE as I mentioned in a previous post and then bought it.  What I want to share with you are some of the third party review videos that I found very helpful during the selection process.

Here’s the best video on the AT-P2 QE specifically:

The following is a review of the base AT-P2 without the integrate Quiet Energy (QE) moderator:

Third party written reviews:

These are Hatsan’s pages:

I hope these help you out.  I am very please with my pistol so far and would recommend anyone needing a discrete powerful and accurate .22 PCP repeater.

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