The ATF Conducted a Webinar for FFLs Regarding Stabilizing Braces on 1/31/2023 – Here’s a Copy of the Slides

The ATF conducted a webinar on 1/31/2023 to help FFLs understand the new brace rule that went into effect that same day. That means anyone with a braced pistol needs to decide what course of action they are going to take because they have 120 days to comply.

Unless someone gets a temporary restraining order issued to put a hold on this regulation, people must figure out what they are going to do and when. Please notice I said “and when”. Figure out what option you are going to take and when you must start doing it. For example, if you plan to remove the brace and destroy it, when must you do that by? If you plan to make your pistol into a rifle, when do you need to order parts and do it by? Always remember that a whole bunch of other braced pistol owners will wait to the last minute and then get upset when they can’t find parts, their gunsmith doesn’t have time, etc.

So, if you are looking for a quick summary of what the ATF is thinking, click here to get a PDF file copy of the slides they presented on 1/31.

Click here for the ATF page that links to all of the published guidance they have involving braces including the full text of the new rule and frequently asked questions.

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