ATF Brace Ruling Published Today – 120 Day Compliance Countdown Starts Today

The ATF’s ruling on stabilizing braces was published in the Federal Register and now the 120 day compliance timer starts. Here’s the link:

We still have to see what the ATF continues to try and clarify. They have said 922r does not apply and they also said the 88 day background check issue still applies so keep tabs on things.

It’s really an unsettling unsettling time for owners of pistols with braces to be in. The four options in my own words:

  1. Remove the brace and go back to having just a pistol. Destroy the brace.
  2. Turn the pistol into a rifle either changing the barrel to over 16″ or adding an extension. Remember the 26″ minimum overall length limit.
  3. Go the SBR route and register your weapon. Bear in mind selling it down the road would require working with an 03 FFL and not a basic FFL.
  4. Turn in your braced pistol to the ATF to destroy it (I hope nobody has to go that route.

Speaking for myself, I’d either go for #1 or #2. If you’ve always wanted a SBR, then go that route.

The ATF has a web page for this whole mess – click here for it.

Now that the timer is running and the ATF had a webinar for FFL dealers today to try and explain what is going on, I guess we will find out more.

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