Tightening or Replacing a Pride Mobility GoGo Elite Traveller Scooter Ignition Switch

It was our last outing with the Scooter that I noticed the ignition switch, if we can call it that, was floating on my mother-in-law’s Pride Mobility GoGo Eliter Traveller Scooter. I was surprised that it happened given how well it had performed up to that point. From what I could tell, the backing nut had slowly vibrated loose until it literally fell off the back of the switch. Everything worked – all the parts were there but I had to put it back together. I figured a blog post would help anyone needing to tighten the switch or even replace it.

To work on the scooter, I removed the chair, its mast and the battery pack. I also removed the forward and reverse control lever that is held in by two screws. In hindsight, I am not sure I needed to do that. By the way, removing the battery compartment also reduces the risk of sparks/shorts by disconnecting the power from the system.

To get inside the center console, you need to remove four screws – the two closest to the operator and the two furthest forward. The ones in the middle hold the lower half to the handlebar and do not need to come out.

One small detail, I had to push the top cover slightly towards the back towards the seat to get it to lift off once the screws were gone. Reinstalling the top recover also meant I had to slide it forward slightly before reinstalling the screws.

It dawned on me after starting that I had better take some pictures. The operator is to the left and the forward is to the right in this photo. You can see the four empty screw holes that need to come off. On the top cover you can see the loose locking nut.
Another view of the switch and loose nut.

If you were replacing the ignition switch, you’d unplug the two wires, loosen the nut and push the ignition switch assembly out through the top and insert a new one. That is Loc-tite blue medium strength thread locker. I put that on the switch with the body out so the nut will not rattle loose again.
The nut is down snug. I thought a photo might help if someone needs to know what wires go to what terminal numbers. There are only two wires but three terminals on this model.

From there, I slid the top back on and reinstalled the screws and put the rest of the stuff back on.

Works great now.

Bought Spare Keys Too

One last note, mama only had one key for the scooter. Turns out they are generic and not keyed to a specific scooter. I bought a spare pair off Amazon that works great. This way she can have a key and I can have one on a trip.


Her key switch is good to go and no we have some spare keys too. I hope this helps you out.

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