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Video: Two Computer Graphic Videos of AH-94 Nikonov Operation

Here are two videos that use computer graphics to demonstrate the operation of the Russian AK-94 5.45mm rifle.0

Here’s the first video that gives more overall information (in Russian though):

Here’s the second video that gives a very clear view of loading:

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Good animation of an AK-47 operating

I’ve seen other animations in the past that didn’t get into as much detail as this one.  In this video you get a pretty good demo of how the various parts work during the firing and automated loading of the AK-47 but they got the trigger wrong, etc.  This one shows the disconnector and trigger hook operating in the right manner for example.  I’m posting it because I think it always helps to understand what is going on inside a firearm for when you want to tune it, figure out what might be going wrong, and so forth.