My Favorite Wood Grips Are Made By Browne Works

I sent out an email newsletter the other day with a photo of my RIA 51679 Tac Ultra in 9mm with wood grips. I also mentioned they are the only wood grips I have ever liked and was being honest. What surprised me was the number of people who emailed me asking if I had more photos and I do.

Mark Browne is the owner of Browne Works, Inc., located in Pasadena, MD, southeast of Baltimore. He has a wide variety of offerings for the Ultra and Tac Ultra both FS and MS models. He also has them for the A2 HC (like I needed) plus the BBR. The pricing is very reasonable also and he has a variety of materials you can choose from – click here for his website. If you want more info, I did a blog post about them a while back so click here for that to open in a new tab.

Otherwise, here are the new photos:

This is one of our new 10 round 9mm mags. The round count is limited by the dimples the Mec-Gar factory pressed in. The base plate is a Dawson +200 unit.

I hope you enjoyed the photos.

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