Hatsan AT-P2 QE: Questions & Answers

As mentioned previously, I purchased a Hatsan AT-P2 QE pistol.  A few guys email med asking questions and I decided to post my answers here for others to read also:

How comfortable is it?  It looks like a kid’s toy.

I’m 5′ 8″ and find it very comfortable shoot.  I wanted a small profile PCP repeating airgun so I bought it wanting to hold it close to show a small profile.  I’m right handed and my left hand naturally goes to the front of handguard.  I think that is why they designed it with that angle.

I have the stock adjusted one click back out of five.  The cheek piece is adjustable but I found it did not need to be changed.  Again, it works fine for me.  I have no interest in trying to use it as a giant pistol.

How tight is the stock?

It wiggles just a tiny bit without a load but once I put it to my shoulder and place my cheek on the rest, it is solid.

Does it have two triggers?

No.  The front thing that looks like a trigger is the safety lever.  It’s actually very slick once you get used to it.  My Gladius has the same safety and trigger set up.  While it may look different, you can very easily turn it on, off or check the status.

The trigger is colored gold and the think safety lever is in front of it.

The trigger itself is Hatsan’s Quattro trigger and is user adjustable.  It has three screws for overall trigger travel, second state engagement and trigger pull weight.  Hatsan USA has a video on how to adjust the trigger – click here.

Does Hatsan make decent air guns?

Yes, they actually make very good airguns.  They are located in Turkey and don’t have the same brand recognition as Daisy, Crosman, Gamo, etc.  I posted factory tour video a while back that I found.

Why did I pick .22 caliber?

Well, I was worried that if I went with .177 that I would not have enough foot pounds of energy (FPE) to cleanly kill the pests I expected – squirrels, ground squirrels, and rabbits.  In talking with guys and reading, I decided to go with .22 for a trade off between power, air use and sound.  The bigger calibers are much louder and use more air.  I’ve found that .22 is plenty for me given I am shooting relatively short distances most of the time. 

Does a hand pump really work or should a person buy a SCUBA tank?

Guys, the last thing I want to do is to buy a tank and deal with going to get it filled.  I have a Hill Mk.4 hand pump and highly recommend it.  I bought it for my Gladius and now use it on the AT-P2 also.  What is nice is that the air cylinder is small on the AT-P2.  I shoot about 8-10 rounds and then top it off back to 200 BAR and that takes about 20-30 pumps.  When I see I am down to 2-3 pellets, I top the magazine off.

This is the Hill MK.4 pump.  The small bottle is Silicone Grease.  I periodically coat the shaft of the pump and the male quick connect plug.  I do it once every couple of months – not much really.

Now if you tell me you plan on shooting a ton, then you might want a tank or one of the new little portable compressors that are available.  I’m using it for pest control so my average number of shots at a time is 1-2 and then I done.  It’s easy for me to top off the magazine and the tank.

In Closing

I appreciated the folks sending in the questions and hope my answers helped them out.

6/29/2020 Update: Still very happy with the AT-P2 – it’s great on pest control with squirrels. We now have replacement fill-probe O-rings and caps to keep your fill probe clean. Click here to learn more.

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