Video: Zastava M91 7.62x54R Sniper Rifle and also Inside the Zatava M91 by Graham Baates

I find the Zasatav designated marksman rifles (DMRs) very interesting.  I own a M77 in 7.62×51 currrently and its sibling, the M91 in 7.62x54r, looks very intriguing with its folding stock.  Here, we don’t always get the really interesting 7.62x54r, but if you are in Russia or other parts of Europe, you have a ton of different loads available.  I have a 7.62x54r Vepr and it is a very capable rifle.

At any rate, Graham Baates travelled to Kragujevac, Serbia, with his wife and they posted a video of their great opportunity to actually test fire a M91 at Zastava.

He also did a second video called “Inside the Zastava M91 Sniper Rifle” that is next:

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