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Are You Looking For A Great IMI Galil Sling?

When I was tuning my JRA Gallant, I started hunting around for a good sling for it. In looking at eBay, I saw an IDF / Zahal Galil Sling w/Laces sold by zorbal39 in Israel and bought it. Zorba was great at communicating and fast to ship. A bit over a week later the sling showed up, installed it on my Gallant for photos and then I forgot about mentioning it until a reader wrote and asked what sling it was and for more details — so it seemed like a good blog post.


  • The sling is made in Israel and seems to be made from quality materials with good stitching.
  • It’s a standard 2-point sling meaning it connects at two points on the rifle.
  • The strap appears to be about 1.9″ (just shy of 2″ in other words) wide nylon
  • It does come with laces if you need to tie it to something – the seller says he has a mix of the slings and some have shoe lace looking optional ties and some have thin cord – mine came with laces
  • The attachment points are a high-temp strong plastic with sheaths to protect the rifle’s finish and quiet down movement.
  • The strap is black and the sheaths are a rich green color.
  • The strap does have a buckle / adjuster tri-glide midway to allow for adjustments to the length of the sling.

Some Photos

Here’s the sling attached to the sling loop on the gas block.
The rear attachment point is the sling loop on the Galil’s unique rear stock.
Here’s the reverse side of the rifle, note the buckle / tri-glide on the sling near the lower right corner. This let’s you adjust the length of the sling.
Here’s the overall sling on the rifle.


I genuinely like the sling. When I bought my ATI Galeo, I bought another one from Zorba. Yeah, I have a Galeo too and that is a story for another day – a surprisingly good story too.

So, if you want a solid sling for your Galil or really any rifle, I’d recommend these slings as well as the seller. Click here for his listing and to see his other items.

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