Erika’s Artwork – Impressionistic Samurai

My daughter, Erika, is extremely gifted. She came up with a basic logo design for me earlier this year. Since then she has gotten deeper and deeper into the modern tools for digital artwork and using AI / pattern recognition tools to generate impressionistic artwork. She showed me some of her work and it blew me away. I told her to generate some artwork involving samurai or ronin themes – a ronin is a masterless samurai in feudal-era Japan – that I might use for Ronin’s Grips and what she came up with is stunning.

Her first batch was black and white and I asked her for a tired/haggard look:

Then some with color

The next are more of a Ukiyo-e style:

Lastly, are you ready for steampunk samurai?

I think this one is pretty wicked.

This is the one I picked for now

This is my favorite we we added in the logo using the proper font.


I was amazed with what she came up with and the tools that she is using to generate them and couldn’t just let these images disappear so I figured sharing them was the way to go. I hope you like them..

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