How to upgrade Surefire M951 Weapons Light with a $10-20 LED Reflector

I really like Surefire weapons lights but they can be very expensive.  If you haven’t noticed it, there are some great deals on new in the box Surefire M951 weapons lights on eBay.  Now hear’s the thing – they are new old stock – they have the old Xenon bulbs with them but these things are often unused or lightly used and include the picatinny rail mount and pressure pad.  You can upgrade them to an LED for often less than $20 for both a brighter and longer lasting light.

To find the Surefire M951, the trick I found is to search for one of the many “kit” packages that are for sale.  The light I purchased was a “Surefire M951 Kit02” to be exact.

The M951, and a number of other Surefire lights used the P60 Xenon bulb.  There are a ton of LED upgrades out there and I opted for one from Amazon.  Here is the LED reflector I used – I just had to remove the external spring (it pulls right off) and put it in my M951.

It was incredibly bright!

Surefire sells replacement heads for the M951 but they are pricey – $45 and up.  It held up fine on both a 9mm and 5.56 AR.  It was a fun conversion project and my buddy has it on his AR now.

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Here is an automated real-time search of eBay for “Surefire M951 Kit” be sure to check what they are selling and that the seller is reputable.  You’ll notice some sellers get sneaky with putting words in their listing so stuff that is not legit shows up such as cheap third-party flashlights, accessories, etc.