The MTM K-Zone Shooting Rest is Pretty Good – Add Weight To It!

Okay folks, I needed an inexpensive portable shooting rest that supported the front of a back and a rifle to keep in my shop.  I dug around a bit and found the MTM K-Zone Shooting Rest on Amazon.  It had 4.5 stars with 480 reviews.  I knew it would be plastic so some of the reviews that called it light duty didn’t bother me.  At any rate, for $39.99 and Prime shipping, I went ahead and ordered it.  

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It arrived a week ago and I took it out of the box immediately noticing that some assembly was required and then the included pieces caught my eye.  I noticed that a lot of the major parts were in halves and unscrewed.


At first I thought they were saving money and were pushing some of the labor onto they buyer.  I actually opened the instructions and immediately saw that they had left it this way for people to fill the voids with bird shot to make it heavier – YES!!!!!!!  I was all over it like hens on bugs.  I had a bunch of 7 shot in containers that I then 3/4 filled the various voids leaving room for plastic on the top.



A perk of having a gun parts business that makes plastic furniture via compression casting is that you have gallons of liquid plastic!!  I mixed some up, added just a touch of black dye for giggles and poured it in on top of the shot thus sealing everything up nice and sound – no irritating rattling.  Now, if you don’t have plastic laying around, you could mix up epoxy or Bondo and have very similar results.

Once the plastic cured, I then used the included screws to put everything together.  It’s pretty straight  forward with easy instructions to assemble it.  I used the rest this morning and it was nice and solid.  Sure, it’s made from plastic but it ought to work just fine for what I need.  If you are looking for a nice basic rest, check this out.  By the way, one nice feature is that you can pull the buttstock extension out and just use the front portion as a handgun rest.  Pretty cool.


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