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Public Service Announcement: Check Out GoodRX To Save On Prescriptions At Your Local Pharmacies

No, this is not a scam post or me trying to sell you something – I don’t make any money at all from what I am going to tell you in this post. I normally write about firearms, DIY or tools and am not going to do some huge post about this. My goal is to try and help folks.

The cost of prescription medicine, especially to the uninsured or people with poor prescription drug coverage, has been unholy for years. It has forced people and families to forego medicine because they couldn’t afford it. Finally, I can tell you to check something out that might help – GoodRX.

I first heard about GoodRX from my daughter who works in a clinic where they tell their patients about it all the time. My daughter has seen prescription drug prices drop dramatically through the use of GoodRX – some of the examples she told me were huge — from $500 to $50. $90 to $17. In my personal case, from $42 to $23 at our local CVS.

GoodRX basically does this by acting like a coupon service – you still use the stores you know and trust.

I did some searching before I used them the first time and they are legit and one reason you may never of heard of them is that some pharmacies and groups tell their employees that they can not tell patients/customers about GoodRX.

You can go to or you can go to your Apple App Store or Android Play Store and download the app for your phone. I have a Samsung smart phone running Android and their app works great. Your doctor may even have GoodRX business cards they can give you if you want to go that route.

With the app you can search on the medicine and it will show you all of the local pharmarcies and their prices so you can then select who to go to. If your pharmacy isn’t listed, call your pharmacy and see if they participate in GoodRX. If they don’t, you may want to change once you see how much you can save.

When you go to check out, tell them you have GoodRX and they will look at your phone or printed page to get the BIN, PCN and Group info to get you the discount.

I hope this helps. If you have questions, they have more information on their website or call them at 1-855-442-9965. This is not an area I know about and just want to try and help folks save some money given my experience.

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