I Loathe Telemarketers, Robo Callers and Unwanted Callers

Simply put, I hate telemarketers and robo callers and unwanted callers. I pay for my phones and they should have no legal right to intrude on my time. The phone will ring and I will go rushing to answer it or stop working on whatever project just to find out it is an unwanted caller. It is so annoying!!  Robo callers are automated tools that call you and then a recording kicks in – you can’t even yell at them!  Worse yet, the technology allows the telemarketers to call thousands of people per day if they want.

Caller ID helps a bit – the land line rings but I don’t pick up unknown callers, names I don’t know, or when the display just lists digits. I wish the phone didn’t ring at all but traditional home phones aren’t smart.

What really irked me was that they started calling my mobile phone more and more these last few weeks. But wait… I have a smartish Android Note 5 phone. Is there an app that can help? Yes, and it’s called “Should I Answer?”

Surprisingly, it is wickedly good and free. I’d pay for this!! Look at the above stats – a million downloads and an aggregate score of 4.8 out of 5.0. That is remarkable.

Basically, it rates each caller and warns you based on a shared community database plus you can store your own private info. I gleefully contribute to the community’s database to warn others and exact revenge on unwanted callers interrupting me.

To install it, download it from the Google play store. Answer yes to the permission prompts.

As you can see above, you have a ton of control via options you can set. I turned on the options to download reviews and to flat out block negative calls either rated so by the community or by me locally.

It works very well and has decent help under the “About” tab.

Here’s a screenshot of me negatively rating a robo caller trying to sell insurance:

I think the app is great and have been using it for about a week. If you are fed up with unwanted callers, definitely check out “Should I Answer?”

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