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PSA Has Some Cool Rifles In: 7.62×51 Galil Ace, FIME Molot RPK-74 and Breda M1 and M1D Garand Rifles – Wow!

I have and IWI Galil Ace rifle in 7.62×51 NATO and it’s exceptionally well made. I notice that IWI has it in and an Italian version of the Garand known as the “BREDA” in 7.62×51 also. I thought I would spread the word – I sure wish I had the funds to buy both models of the BREDA.

Just to make the lack of funds hurt even more, they have a FIME Molot RPK-74 in stock also. Where these came from, I don’t know but they command a princely price.

If you are looking for one of the above and can afford it – rock on! I hope this helps you out.

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