Buy Hand Sanitizer From Journeyman Distillery – Order Online For Pick Up Or They Can Ship It To You

Journeyman Distillery is in the little town of Three Oaks, Michigan. To help with Corona Virus / COVID-19 problem and the shortages of hand sanitizer, Journeyman is one of the distilleries that has picked up the ball and is producing hand sanitizer according to the Word Health Organization (WHO) recommendations.

For those of you who do not know Journeyman, in more normal times, they produce some great distilled spirits, such as their Humdinger Japaleno that I am particularly fond of. They also have a great restaurant that you may need to wait an hour or two for a table if you make the mistake of showing up without a reservation.

At any rate, back to the main they started making hand sanitizer shortly after government officials relaxed regulations around hand sanitizer. I first saw and used the hand sanitizer at our local Ace Hardware about 3-4 weeks ago and hopped online hoping I could order some. Amazing to me anyways, they are offering sales of the liquid ranging from 1.75 liter (0.46 gallons) for $24.99 all the way up to 55 gallon drums for $2,160. You can either pick it up or they can mail it to you.

This is one of our bottles. I’d definitely recommend you put it in something smaller for regular use.

Now, I didn’t buy their drum but we did get two of their 1.75 liter packages and we had them ship it to us to keep things simple – they are about a 30 minute drive from our house.

The sanitizer is a liquid – not a gel – and works great in a little spray bottle. I made some of my own hand sanitizer and bought some of these little bottles off Amazon and they work great.

So, this stuff seems to work well. It’s not super sticky nor does it dry out your hands. Washing with soap and water for 20+ seconds is still best but this sure helps when you can’t. I noticed today that Hoosier Brewing is also selling hand sanitizer. I can’t speak to them but it gives you another option.

I hope this helps you out.

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