What wax to use on our grips and handguards to bring out the color

Hello folks,

People ask me why the color of our grips and handguards fades with age and that is a function of the thin liquid oil/wax finish I put on them. When I make a grip or handguard, it comes out a mold and then I need to sand it to get rid of seams. From there I blast it and just about any color winds up turning very white. To bring back the color, a top coat needs to be applied. I used to use Sno Seal, which works fantastic but after several thousand grips, it was too tough on my hands to work so I had to move to a liquid oil/wax finish that dries out over time.  I would definitely recommend that you folks use Atsko Sno Seal if ou want the color to come out and stay out plus it does a great job on sealing boots 🙂

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