Video: How the SVD Dragunov Works Using 3D Animation. — Pretty cool!!


I love computer animations that show how a firearm’s action operates.  This video on the SVD Dagunov is narrated in Russian but you can definitely see how the gasses flow and hit the piston, push the operating rod back, and then operate the bolt and trigger.  I think videos like this provide valuable insight into what all is going on.

This one is very detailed and fascinating.  Definitely worth watching!


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The Official Soviet SVD Manual (Paperback)

Designed by noted firearms designer Evgeniy Fedorovich Dragunov to operate under the most extreme climatic and combat situations, the SVD was the first Russian rifle designed from scratch specifically for sniping. This translation of the official SVD manual contains complete operating instructions.

By (author):  U.S.S.R. Army, U.S. Army Translation by Maj. James F. Gebhardt

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