Video of Larry Vickers Touring the Kalashnikov Concern Factory in Izhvesk

In April 2018, Larry Vickers visited the Kalashnikov Concern factory in Izhvesk, Russia.  Given that armory was established on the orders of Russian emperor Alexander I in June 1807 plus most Westerners having mental images of antiquated machines and dimly lit dirty facilities, one might make some very, very wrong assumptions about the modern JSC Kalashnikov Concern.

The very modern Kalashnikov Concern facility is brightly lit, clean and using world class machines.  I thought it was interesting seeing all the quality boards and neatly arranged tooling.

Also worth noting was Larry’s observation that with many AK manufacturers trying unsuccessfully to product cast trunnions and bolts that Kalashikov still forges those parts and there is a reason for it – durability.

At any rate, it’s a cool but brief 6 minute video.


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