There is a surprising ton of vz.58 stuff for sale on eBay if you look for it

The Czech vz.58 is an interesting 7.62×39 rifle.  While at a fast glance it may look like an AK, it is actually a different design and doesn’t share any parts with the AK-47.

Outside of the military, it has a sizable following with civilian shooters.  While folks may be aware of parts from sources like Apex and Czechpoint, they may not be aware there is a ton of parts and accessories on eBay.

Here are real-time search results that you can review and order from if so desired:

Image attributions:
1. vz.58P Rifle Image Source:  By Jan Hrdonka (en:User:Hrd10)
2. vz.58P Rifle Field Stripped:  Ibid

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