Two Videos On Preparing Polymer80 PF940C Glock 19 Frames For Use

If you haven’t heard about Polymer80, they have come out with a really straight forward way to make a pistol using Glock parts. You aren’t going to really save money but you are going to have a very cool end result that you can customize however you want.

In surfing around, I came across two videos that have some pretty good camera angles and commentary about guys drilling the holes and filing down the frames that I thought I would share:

Polymer80 is offering some really innovative products. These are not hacks by any means. I like the grip angle, the texture and the finger groove built into the trigger guard. The whole concept is well executed for guys who like building their own firearms.

Note, Polymer80 products are being sold by a ton of vendors so shop around and watch for sales.

Also, be sure to download and read their instructions. They are well illustrated and have pretty good detail.

The following book is very good and I referred to it constantly during my first build along with the above-mentioned Polymer80 guidance:

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Our Polymer80 Barrel Block Sanding Kit

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