Post #2: 20 Photos Of AK and Related Rifles In Use

I’m fascinated by the design of the Kalashnikov-related rifles and given their long history of use, there are tons and tons of photos out there. Back when I first started being interested in AKs it was about 2006 and I would snag photos when I saw them. My plan is to periodically post a collection of photos so you can see the weapons and the people with them. There’s a lot of history in these photos.

If you have more detailed descriptions for any of these images, please let me know. My email is Also, please email any photos that you would like to share and a brief description. If it’s your photo and you’d like it attributed to you, please put that in the description.

Please note that I do not own these photos – they remain the property of their respective owners. If you are the copyright owner and wish one removed or some form of attribution added, please contact me.

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