Polymer80 PF940CL Review

A reader emailed me the other day asking how I liked my PF940CL and the short answer is that I do like it. For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, the PF940CL is a hybrid design using a Glock17 upper but having the lower that uses Glock 17 parts *but* uses Glock 19 magazines. The CL stands for “compact long” and it makes for an interesting design.

Like other Polymer80 kits, it comes with the blocks you will need, drills and a mill bit. You need to supply all of the internals and the completed slide assembly. The color I selected is known as “cobalt” and I like it.

Building It

It goes together like all other Polymer80 kits. If you haven’t built one before, I would recommend closely reading their assembly guide [click here for their page] and you can also check out some of my past posts [click here for them].

Two Differences

There are two things that are different that you do need to be aware of:

First, it uses Glock 17 parts in the lower but it does not use the traditional Glock leaf spring for the slide lock like you see in a Glock 17. Instead, it uses the same coil spring that a Glock Gen 5 pistol uses [Click here for more details].

Second, the magazine funnel is unique to the CL design and will not use funnels made for other Polymer80 models. I am running a SLR funnel made for the PF940CL and really like it. There are three reasons I like funnels:

  1. It does help guide the magazine up and into the mag well easier.
  2. I do like using funnels to protect the lip of the magazine well. Because of this mindset, I really prefer aluminum to the various 3D printed mag wells. The SLR funnel is aluminum for example.
  3. I like the support for my pinky finger. Yeah, I know it sounds crazy but normally I don’t like Glock 19-sized grips because my pinky finger is daingly in the air (I wear XL-sized gloves). By having a funnel, my pinky rests comfortably on the angled part of the funnel.
This is the SLR mag well made specifically for the PF940CL. [Click here for their page]

End Result

Take your time and do the build the right way. The end result is a very comfortable pistol that has a shorter grip but has the longer slide. I like it.

Here’s my completed PF940CL. I later replaced the TLR-2 HLG light with a smaller TLR-4 later.

Note, if you folks haven’t heard, Polymer80 is making and selling both serialized complete lowers and even complete pistols if you do not want to go the route of building your lower.

I hope this helps you out!

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