How To Find Barrels For Your Polymer80 Build on eBay

In my last few posts, I’ve covered OEM lower parts kits and customizing the parts in the lower. In this post, I’m going to switch to the slide area and cover barrels. Without a doubt, having the right barrel for what you want to do is a very important consideration. Now notice how I worded that – it depends on what you want to do. There are barrel built for reliability, with match tolerances, porting, threaded ends, extended barrels… it really depends on what you want.

When I built my first two Polymer80 pistols – a full size Glock 17 unit and a full size 34, I went with threaded match barrels from 80P Builder. They are both accurate with 115 and 124gr FMJ but I quickly realized the added length wasn’t really worth it for me at this point. The idea behind a threaded barrel is that it will allow you to thread on some type of suppressor or muzzle device. To do that, the barrel with the threading needs to stick out – in the case of the 17, it sticks out about 0.634″ inches.

The threaded barrel extends 0.634″ past the end of the slide in this Model 17 build.

You have to ask yourself – do you really need that sticking out if you want a pistol for concealed carry. With my 34, it is a combat pistol and length isn’t something I worry about. In fact, it is running a Tyrant Designs CNC T-Comp brake that does a remarkable job of keeping the pistol flat during rapid fire. The end of the day, the threading definitely gives you a ton of options with a little extra length and weight added.

The Tyrant CNC brake is both radical looking and effective. It’s found a permanent home on my first Polymer80 Model 34 build. You can see a hint of the front Tru Glo TFX Pro sight as well.

If you like the idea of reducing muzzle rise and some recoil reduction, another option for you is a ported barrel where the manufacturer of the barrel actually will either drill holes or machine slots into the end of the barrel to vent gasses. I’ve not used a ported barrel on my Polymer80 but I do have a cz.75 with a ported barrel and the porting definitely helps.

Another option is to go with a standard length barrel that is more or less flush with the end of the slide. My next 34 will have a Zaffiri match grade flush barrel that is fluted and has a deep crown to protect the end.

Bottom line, you have a ton of options in terms of functionality and looks that you can consider so spending some time thinking about.

Vendors I’ve Heard Good Things About

So, you can do plenty of reading on offerings from vendors. The options are amazing – length, twist rate, thickness, threaded, fluted, ported, color and so forth. Just make sure you get a generation 3 compatible barrel and it matches the model of pistol you are building. In researching barrels, the following have good reputations: Agency Arms, Faxon, Glock OEM, Killer Innovations, Lone Wolf, Silencerco, Storm Lake, Wilson Combat, Zaffiri and Zev. If you click on the vendor names previously listed, a dedicated tab will open showing current offerings on eBay, if there are any.

Current eBay Glock Barrel Listings

Note the following a real time listing of barrels for sale on eBay. Pay attention to the brand as there are a ton of no-name barrels being imported of varying quality. Also, if you are building a Polymer80, go for barrels that will work with Gen 3 Glocks just to be safe.

If you click on the following banners, you can see even more:

Glock 17 barrel postings:

Glock 19 barrel postings:

Glock barrels in general:

I hope this helps you out.

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