Glock Gen 3 Lower Parts Kits (LPKs) on eBay For Polymer80 Builds

In the last post, I gave you a general link to Glock parts and now we’ll start diving a bit deeper. When you are assembling a Polymer80 pistol, you will need a lower parts kit (LPK) that either you need to buy or will be part of a larger kit depending on what you are doing. If you are new to building, it is hard to go wrong with with an original equipment manufacture (OEM) Glock LPK vs. aftermarket that might have some challenges and others are best avoided. To avoid headaches while you learn, you want a Glock Gen 3 LPK. In the next post, I’ll go over the parts if you want to customize everything and you can do that but to start, go Glock.

What is in a LPK?

You will want to confirm the parts list with your seller, but here’s what would be in a full size Glock brand Gen 3 LPK:

  • Slide stop lever with spring
  • Slide lock & spring
  • Magazine release & spring
  • Trigger with trigger bar
  • Trigger housing with ejector
  • Trigger spring
  • Trigger pin
  • Trigger housing pin
  • Connector (5 pound)

LPKs are on eBay from Glock, Polymer80, marvel mystery parts (in other words, some have no maker identified and are to be avoided) and others. Again, for a newbie, I’d recommend starting with a Glock brand LPK to avoid potential stacked tolerance issues that you would need to address – if you are ready to drive in with all custom parts, you definitely can but it is still handy to have Glock OEM parts around for troubleshooting or spares just in case.

A few eBay buyer tips for you:

  • Look at the number of transactions and rating of the seller. If they have less than 10 sales, your potential risk increases.
  • Stick to Gen 3 parts. Glock has been evolving their pistols for a while now and the Polymer80 frames are designed with Gen 3 models in mind.
  • Make sure the parts you are looking for match the model you are building. Not all parts are interchangeable across models.
  • If the deal is almost too good to be true, it probably is. You’re not going to find a high-end assembled slide with barrel for $50. Sure there are used parts and good deals but there are also scams. This is another reason to look at the seller’s ratings.

OEM Glock LPKs Available on eBay

Here are some current posts on eBay – click on the banner and you can find even more:

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