Found a Very Good Video Series on Building A Polymer80 Pistol Plus Links To More Info

I like Polymer80 pistols – plain and simple. There are great deals on commercially built pistols that are hard to beat so I would not recommend building one to try and save money – I doubt you can get the combination of price and quality. With that said, if you want to build a custom pistol and be able to do exactly what you want, then the Polymer80 makes a lot of sense.

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Brownells is one of my favorite sources for gun parts, tools and supplies. They assembled the following series of videos on how to build your own custom Polymer80-based pistol. Please note the embedded videos are small. Once you click play, then click on the small square in the lower right corner of the video to see it full screen.

Step 1: How to mill a Polymer80 Frame

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Step 2: Choosing a Trigger For a Polymer80 Pistol

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Step 3: Assembling A Polymer80 Frame

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Step 4: Picking a Slide For Your Glock’s Polymer80

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Step 5: Selecting A Barrel For A Polymer80 Pistol

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Step 6: Choose A Sight For Your Polymer80 Build

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