Are you having a hard time finding 9mm magazines for your Rock Island Armory A2 HC Pistol? We have them.

This post was updated June 20, 2022

I’m a fan of Armscor’s Rock Island Armory (RIA) staggered magazine pistols – the A2 HC series. They took the ParaOrdnance design of the 1911 that uses a staggered magazine to hold more ammo and made it their own. In a staggered design, the rounds offset left and right but come up to a common single feeding point at the top of the magazine. This enables round counts that are almost double the original single stack design but requires a fatter grip to hold these thicker magazines.

It can be a challenge to find quality magazines for these pistols as Rock Island & Act-Mag and Mec-Gar struggle with COVID and supply chain issues. We entered the market in 2021 with magazines for the 10mm & .40 S&W pistols and now we are introducing magazines for the 9mm pistols.

All of our mags are tested for 9mm Luger / Parabellum / 9×19. At this time we do not have a way to test .38 Super or .22 TCM. .22 TCM requires shorter feed lips so I know the P18 mags will not work.

In case you are wondering, I own both a RIA 56645 Pro Ultra Match HC and a 51679 Tac Ultra FS HC 9mm so that is what I am using for design and testing. By the way, “FS” means it is a full size 1911/2011 vs. something more compact like a Commander. The “HC” means it is the higher capacity. Some times you’ll see RIA refer to “A2” and that is a marketing opportunity for them because there was testing and consideration by the Army of what would could come after the M1911A1 in 2004 and they were bantering around the designation M1911A2 but they did not go far down that path.

Our current magazine offering is based on a Act-Mag .40 S&W mag that we then modify the feed lips, tune the follower, upgrade the spring to a Wolff +10% stronger model and holds 17 rounds. The result is a very reliable magazine.

This is my RIA 56645 Pro Ultra Match HC that I used to prototype the latest generation of magazines.
This is our latest generation 9mm magazine that is based on an Act-Mag .40 S&W / 10mm tube. We don’t have a way to elegantly remove the .40 S&W stamping from the hardened tube but it has been modified to work.

To modify the lips we literally need to modify the top curve and close in the sides. The resulting front feed lip gap will be between .305 and .315. The angle is enough to feed properly but not push the extracting round up too much. Once the front lips go much past .320-.325 you risk the extracting round being pushed up too far and missing the ejector. As with all 1911s, you may find some slight adjustment of the front feed lip gap beneficial but the mags should work right out of the box.

The blue round is actually an aluminum A-Zoom snap cap. We use them for all of our test work.

Many have asked if the Taylor Freelance magazine extensions will fit these mags and the answer is “yes”. Act-Mag is the OEM supplier of the .40 & 10mm mags to RIA and that is what our 9mm mags are based on. Note, these are the longer mags they mention so adding a Taylor extension to one of our mags will probably be too long for competition use.

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We now have mags for a number of the RIA 9mm high cap (HC) pistols. If you are concerned about whether they will function in your pistol, we will stand behind them if you run into any problems — customer service is something we take very seriously.

Please email me if you have any questions or suggestions.

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