Videos: Two Good Documentaries on The History of the Israeli Uzi

As part of my research into the iconic Israeli Uzi, I found these two videos that do a very nice job providing background on the political climate driving the need for the Uzi.  These videos also then provide insight into the design and operation of the weapon.  By the way, these days I have signed up for Youtube Red so I can download videos and watch them even when I do not have an Internet connection.


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The UZI Submachine Gun Examined (Hardcover)

Although universally recognized, the history of this iconic weapon has gone largely undocumented — until now. Originally designed for the Israeli military by Uziel Gal, the UZI submachine gun has a colorful history that has reached around the globe. Using approximately 1,000 photos, this book examines the history and technical details of all the UZI variations, both military and civilian, from its initial design to the current models. Also included are original factory documents, model-by-model features, part variations, accessories and manuals.

By (author):  David Gaboury

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