Video: How to build an AK47 from scratch part 2 by usmcdoc14


Here is the second video in usmcdoc14’s series about building an AK using a flat.  He still swears left and right (which I find hilarious – when he said “sandblast the shit out of them” I started laughing) and gives you some good recommendations on checking the past receiver stub from the kit.  He talks about his approaches for weld and rivet builds.  He does make one comment I don’t agree with.  To press out the barrel from the rear trunnion you do not need to remove the rear sight block (RSB) – you just push out the barrel pin out and then press the barrel out.  Second, and this is just my opinion, with a weld build I would still drill some holes where the rivets were at and do plug welds otherwise you are going to pour on a ton of heat, may still not get good penetration and risk ruining the heat treat of the trunnion locking lugs.

Other than that, I think it is a good video and worth you watching and learning from.  Your best bet is to watch multiple guys and decide what works for you.

Here are the links to each segment – when you click on them they will open in a new tab:

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