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Getting the Simplicity Broadmor 16 Hydro Lawn Tractor Ready for the Season – Air and Oil Filters via Amazon

Given we live in a rural area, it can be a challenge trying to find the right air and oil filter for our Simplicity Broadmor 16 Hydro tractor.  It has a Kohler engine and the air and oil filters are readily available on Amazon.   It makes life way easier to just order them.  Sometimes I’ll get a deal on several and have one for the following year.

So, just to make things easy for you, here are links if you need to order them:

I only change the oil filter once a year.  If there’s a real good deal, I might buy a two pack.   You can search and double check prices.

For the air filter, I definitely use the model with the pre-cleaner.  The foam pre-cleaner catches a ton of dust.  Each year I have to clean and re-oil the pre-cleaner several times due to all the dust.

I change these each season plus I grease the oil fittings.   When we got the tractor I asked the mechanic who delivered it what would be the one thing he’d recommend to get long life from the tractor.  Of course he pointed out the oil and air filters but then he added to make sure to keep the tractor greased using the Zerk fittings and I have ever since.

I hope this helps you out some as well.

If you find this post useful, please either buy something using one of the links to eBay and Amazon.  With Amazon, if you click on one of our links and then buy something else – even unrelated stuff like clothes, electronics and groceries – we get credit and it would be hugely appreciated.  Doing something like the above will help us fund continued development of the blog.


Kohler (2 Pack) 12 883 05-S1 Replacement Air Filter With Pre-Cleaner

Includes (2) 1288305-S1 Filters. New, Bulk Packed. Genuine OEM replacement part. Consult owners manual for proper part number identification and proper installation. Compatible with: Kohler engine models : CV12.5ST-1280, CV12.5ST-1281, CV13S-21509, CV13S-21516, CV13S-21525, CV13S-21532, CV14-1401, CV14-1402, CV14-1403, CV14-1404, CV14-1405, CV14-1406, CV14-1408, CV14-1410, CV14-1411, CV14-1412, CV14-1413, CV14-1414, CV14-1415, CV14-1416, CV14-1417, CV14-1418, CV14-1419, CV14-1420, CV14-1422, CV14-1423, CV14-1424, CV14-1425, CV14-1427, CV14-1428, CV14-1429, CV14-1430, CV14-1431, CV14-1432, CV14-1433, CV14-1434, CV14-1436, CV14-1437, CV13ST-21510, CV12.5-1201, CV12.5-1202, CV12.5-1203, CV12.5-1204, CV12.5-1205, CV12.5-1206, CV12.5-1210, CV12.5-1211, CV12.5-1213, CV12.5-1214, CV12.5-1215, CV12.5-1216, CV12.5-1217, CV12.5-1218, CV12.5-1219, CV12.5-1220, CV11S-1113, CV11-1101, CV11-1102, CV11-1103, CV11-1104, CV11-1105, CV12.5-1223, CV12.5-1224, CV12.5-1225, CV12.5-1227 12.5 HP, CV12.5-1229 12.5 HP, CV12.5-1230 12.5 HP, CV12.5-1235 12.5 HP, CV12.5-1237 12.5 HP, CV12.5-1240 12.5 HP, CV12.5-1241 12.5 HP, CV12.5-1242 12.5 HP, CV12.5-1243 12.5 HP, CV12.5-1245 12.5 HP, CV12.5-1246 12.5 HP, CV12.5-1247 12.5 HP, CV12.5-1248 12.5 HP, CV12.5-1249 12.5 HP, CV12.5-1250 12.5 HP, CV12.5-1251 12.5 HP, CV12.5-1252 12.5 HP, CV12.5-1253 12.5 HP, CV12.5-1254 12.5 HP, CV12.5-1255 12.5 HP, CV12.5-1256 12.5 HP, CV12.5-1257 12.5 HP, CV12.5-1259 12.5 HP, CV12.5-1260 12.5 HP, CV12.5-1261 12.5 HP, CV15-41508, CV15-41509, CV15-41510, CV15-41511, CV15-41514, CV15-41515, CV14ST-1486, CV14ST-1490, CV14ST-1491, CV12.5-1262 12.5 HP, CV12.5-1263 12.5 HP, CV12.5-1264 12.5 HP, CV12.5-1265 12.5 HP, CV12.5-1266 12.5 HP, CV12.5-1268 12.5 HP, CV12.5-1269 12.5 HP, CV12.5-1270 12.5 HP, CV12.5-1274 12.5 HP, CV12.5-1275 12.5 HP, CV12.5-1276 12.5 HP, CV12.5-1277 12.5 HP, CV14S-14100, CV14S-14106, CV14S-14107, CV14-1438, CV14-1441, CV14-1443, CV14-1444, CV14-1445, CV14-1446, CV14-1447, CV14-1448, CV14-1449, CV14-

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