Swiss+Tech ST50022 6-in-1 and ST53100 19-1 Micro Pocket Multitools are Handy for Travel

For my job, I wind up travelling and I can’t tell you how many times I have had luggage parts come loose or need to fix a zipper.  The beauty of these Swiss+Tech tools is that they are tiny and light.  They will never win a brute strength contest but when you need a simple screw driver or a small strong set of pliers/tweezers, or wire cutter these things kick butt.  I think it is rather unfair when people compare them to full sized tools – they were never designed for that.  Look at the pivot pin – it’s a tubular rivet!

I’ve had both tools for years.  I just bought this new set off Amazon to put in luggage.  The 6-in-1 goes in my carry on bag and then 19-1 goes in my check-in.  If you just want to buy one, get the 6-in-1.  That can get just about any small job done and are cheap off Amazon.

By the way, you can fix a ton of problems when travelling with the 6-in-1, a roll of electrical tape and a few zip ties of varying lengths.  For example, if a zipper pull comes off, insert a small zip tie, run 4-6 layers of electrical tape around it and then cut off the excess zip tie.  Done.

Another plus is that they are so cheap you don’t feel bad if they get lost.  I gave my wife one as a stocking stuffer and that went over like a lead brick – don’t do that 🙂

So, can you fix a car with these? No.  Fix stuff better than fingers alone when travelling?  Absolutely.

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