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Check out Fred’s Wicked PAP with Our Lower Handguard

Fred’s PAP looks sweet.  He’s using both our lower handguard and one of our quick takedown pins.

12096112_966797546697463_6327749345760013943_n 12140657_966797396697478_3814043065268174426_n

The handguards are available as sets or individual pieces at:

The quick takedown pin for the dustcover is at:


Stephen’s M70 – Check Out the Wood!!

You have to love the traditional lines of a Zastava M70B1.  Stephen did something neat with his – notice the M76 buttstock and great looking wood.  I think it’s fantastic.  We’re honored he picked one of our M70 grips to go on his rifle!


If you are interested, our grip is online at:

Check out Frank’s New Hog Rifle – A Vepr With Our Stock Set

Check out Frank’s New Hog Rifle – A slant back Vepr With Our Stock Set.  What Frank did that I think is really neat is that he machined the slots into our Vepr handguard.  The urethane pastic we use is glass fiber reinforced and acts like a hardwood – you can easily route or mill it with a cutting bit.



If you are interested our Vepr furniture, you can buy individual pieces or the set at:


How to Install Our C39 Micro Handguard on a Micro Draco!

Hello folks!  A friend did a great quick youtube video to show people the few quick modifications needed to fit our C39 Micro handguard onto a Draco Micro.  I think he did a great job and sure appreciate his taking the time to make the video and share it with us!


Click here to open a new tab/window to our Orca handguard page.


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Chris Likes His Bulged M70 Handguards

Got my handguards today! Good god, they are fantastic. Just wanted to share these pics, I’m going to try to get you better pics, with mags & ammos & such, this weekend. I’ve always been a wood furniture guy on all of my guns, even my 1911s have wood grips, but your handguards are fantastic. Couldn’t be more pleased.

image1 image2

Check out Len’s Yugo M85 With Our Quick Takedown Pin!

Len’s Yugo M85 is looking pretty sweet!

PAP 85 1 PAP 85 2

Here’s what he has to say about his weapon:

Tungsten gray is the cerkote, Sight is a see all {from tandemkross}, key mod rail ,covers, and flash hider {Midwest Industries}, Sling adapter {RFT}, Inforce light, THE Pin Ronin’s grips, dust cover rail Storm Werkz. AR mag adapter  PAP 85, 5.56 Will let you know how it shoots and how the sight works {at least I can see it}

If you are interested, we have a “how to” blog post outlining how to install it

If you would like to buy one, they are available via our online store

Cool M92 NPAP Pistol with Our Quick Takedown Pin

A customer sent in these cool photos of his M92 with our quick takedown pin so he can remove the dust cover quickly and easily.  He reports he started with a basic Yugo NPAP M92 and then he finish it with cerakote OD green, a Magpul grip, Midwest rail, sling mount RFT,  it’s shown with a Kvar mag model that is no longer made.



m92 2 M92 1

The pin is in out store at:

We have an installation tutorial for the pin at: