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Zastava PAP M70 and Military M70 Buttstocks and Recoil Pads No Longer Match

Hello everyone,

We make a recoil pad for the military Yugo M70, M72 and M76 rifles [click here for the listing]. The original was rubber over a steel pad and was often very beat up when guys bought kits or rifles made from kits.  So, I hunted down pristine original recoil pads and made molds to cast rubber replacements.

Here are the approximate measures for the stock this pad fits on:

  • Screwhole centers are about 3.25″ apart
  • From top inside lip of butt of the stock to bottom inside lip is: 4.20″
  • Top to bottom of the butt outside or overall height is 4.48″
  • Left to right inside lip edge of the butt at the widest point s 1.29″
  • Outside edge left to right at the widest point is 1.63″
  • The lip that the recoil pad sits on all the way around is about 0.17″

Starting in mid-2017 we started getting word from our customers that our military-sized pads were not fitting the new commercial PAP M70 rifles being imported into the US.  It would appear that Zastava has changed the buttstock — presumably to cut cost.  It is smaller and the telltale for consumers is that it has a solid steel stamped butt plate.  The following photo is of an original Yugo M70 military-style recoil pad next to the new commercial PAP steel butt plate:

This next photo just shows an edge view – the white box is just propping them up:

Bottom line is that the stocks are different and our recoil pad will not fit the PAP M70.  I’m hoping to get the word out to reduce confusion.

Please note that at this time, I do not have plans to make a commercial PAP-sized recoil pad as there has not been sufficient demand thus far.

Video: How to Lubricate Your AKM (AK47) and AK74 Rifles – AK Operators Union 47-74


In this video, Rob Ski, of AK Operators Union, does a great job explaining how to lubricate your AK.  Rob is the real deal having grown up around AKs and having also served in the US military.  Be sure to Like him on Facebook.  He’s always posting news and information.

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Video: Brownells’ Four Part Series on AK 47/74 Firearm Maintenance


Brownells has turned out a nice for video set regarding AK 47/74 Maintenance.  Here they are:

AK 47/74 Firearm Maintenance: Part 1 Disassembly

AK 47/74 Firearm Maintenance: Part 2 Cleaning

AK 47/74 Firearm Maintenance: Part 3 Lubrication

AK 47/74 Firearm Maintenance: Part 4 Reassembly


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How to Bullet Drop Test a Barrel?

Plenty of AK barrel have seen heavy use and some are pretty much sewer pipes at this point – blown out, dirty and most of the rifling a distant memory.  A quick way to check is to take a cartridge of the correct caliber, such as 7.62×39, and put it in the muzzle.  If it stops before the case hits, there is hope.  It the case hits or even goes into the muzzle, the barrel is pretty much history.





I’m not saying the barrel is perfect but it may still be useful.  I built both M70 stubs on their original barrels and they shot good enough – about 8-10″ – at 100 yards fired with iron sights with cheap ammo.  Still a fun rifle to shoot though.

If a barrel fails, I would definitely get a replacement and not even bother trying to use it but that’s just me.  I’ve known a few guys over the years that proudly built and fired sewer pipe rifles.

A Very Affordable Bore Scope / Endoscope For Your Android Smart Phone That is Only 5.5mm Wide! The GiraffeCam v1.0

Guys, I have wanted a bore scope / camera for years – the formal name for this type of a device is an “endoscope”.  Guess what?  There is now one called a GiraffeCam for $16.99 on Amazon (with Amazon Prime shipping) provided you have an Android or Windows phone.  They mention a Mac in the instructions but the camera does not come with any kind of Apple plug adapter.  So, all I can tell you for sure is that it has a MicroUSB plug and works with my Samsung Note 6 that is running the latest version of Android.

The app they recommend is CameraFi probably because it is free but gets bad reviews in part because there are tons of ads and you can’t buy a paid ad-free version.  I looked around and found USBWebCameraPro for $8.99 and it works pretty good.  The only bug I have found so far is that when you switch from still camera to video and back the app seems to not want to take a picture or video.  Exiting and starting the app solves the problem.  It has a lot of features for using a USB camera and worked as soon as I plugged in the camera – it detected the presence of the GiraffeCam and did everything transparently.

So, I plugged the bright yellow GiraffeCam into my phone and looked in a Dark Bore M72 barrel for the first time.  There is a little dial on the side of the USB “dongle” that adjusts the brightness of some small LED lights.  WOW!!!!  The bore really did look like a sewer pipe!!!  The resolution isn’t very good but you can see the rust, dirt and that the rifling is almost entirely gone.  I wish the photos and video were higher resolution *but* the very fact that I can see in the barrel and get a general idea of the shape it is in for under $20 is absolutely remarkable – revolutionary even.

Now, here is the world debut of the inside of a very worn out M72 barrel with me turning the scope around:


Here’s me taking still photos with one hand while guiding the scope with another starting at the entrance to the chamber moving forward towards the muzzle:

Notice the chamber, the presence of the rifling near the chamber, the less rifling and then it turning into a sewer pipe.  This is cool.  I can see the rust, rifling … everything I need to know about the quality of the barrel.  I also ran this down the barrel into a chamber of a pistol, looked up a mag well, it’s very handy.  I have a messed up pool jet that leaks that I plan to look at before we fill it to see where a cracks is at.  The 6 foot cord gives you a lot of flexibility for rifles, shotguns, pistols, cars, you name it.

There are other versions of this scope – some connect by creating a wifi hotspot for example.  They do have a higher resolution GiraffeCam model for $39.99 so a bit higher in price but it is also 2 megapixels vs. the old 640×480 VGA that I reviewed here.  The one BIG problem I foresee with the v4 model is that the camera diameter will increase from the current 5.5mm to 8.5mm which will rule out a lot of the rifles I work with so there are still some big pros to using the v1.0 model.

Bottom line is that this is dirt cheap and a great way to get an idea of how the bore looks or any other place you can squeeze it into.

May 4, 2017 update:  I’m still happy with the scope.  I’ve not found anything this small with better resolution.  A friend asked me to measure the actual outside diameter (OD) of the head of the scope to confirm what the maker reports.  Using my micrometer, I show the OD as 0.2172″ or 5.515mm.  These next photos are from the bore of a brand new uncleaned 5.56 match AR barrel from White Oak Armory:


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See larger image

Additional Images:

GiraffeCam 1.0 Soft ShortFocus | Endoscope Borescope Inspection Camera | Android PC Mac | 5.5mm Diameter | 6.5 Feet

Features: ANDROID OTG SMARTPHONES / PC / Mac – View and capture video and photos on compatible Android phones with the included Micro-USB adapter. Just download and open the App, and connect the camera to the phone. For PC / Mac, connect GiraffeCam to your computer (Windows 10 & Mac), open the default Windows or Mac camera software, and the camera functions as a webcam, allowing you to capture videos/photos or to use it with video-conferencing software such as Skype, BRIGHT YELLOW – Our trademark bright yellow cable gives the GiraffeCam a distinctive look and makes it easier to find in a messy toolbox or cabinet., TECHNOLOGICAL MARVEL – Advances in camera and LED miniaturization technology has allowed us to bring you an affordable snake inspection camera with a diameter of just 5.5mm, with excellent image quality and bright illumination., MYRIAD USES – The usage possibilities are endless with the GiraffeCam endoscope borescope. Primarily used for plumbing, automotive, and construction, it is an excellent tool to look into any hard to see place., USA SELLER – We are based in Minneapolis, MN and strive to offer the best products and customer service. We do our own QC before the products are delivered ensure the best customer experience and no dud units.

We are the sole owner of the GiraffeCam brand and associated intellectual property. Any counterfeits or infringements will be vigorously pursued.
*Not compatible with iPhones*

The camera has a 5.5mm diameter housing that allows it to fit in tight places
– 6 adjustable LED lights allows for different brightness settings to suit the usage environment
– 0.3 megapixel, 640X480 resolution provides HD video and images
– The waterproof design (rated IP67) allows it to be used in almost all environments

– True plug & play on Windows 10 and Mac devices. Just plug the camera in, pull up the default Windows or Mac camera software, and select “USB2.0 Camera” to view and capture video and photos
– On compatible Android devices, just download the app from the App Store, open the app, and plug in the camera.

Compatible Smartphones
-Android (4.4 or higher) systems with OTG function -Samsung Galaxy S3 (i9300, i9308), S4 (i9500, i9508), S5, S6; Note2, Note3, Note4; SONY Z2 L50H; SONY LT26i; Nexus 5

Multiple Applications
-Automotive / Diesel Repair and Maintenance
-Inspection of hard-to-reach areas
-Plumbing, construction, restoration applications

-Diameter: 5.5mm
-Sensor: 0.3 Megapixel CMOS
-Resolution? 640X480
-View angle?60°
-Focal Distance?2″ – Infinity
-Interface: USB2.0, Micro USB
-Light: 6 Adjustable White LED Product

1 x GiraffeCam SFT endoscope borescope
1 X Micro-USB to USB adapter
1 x Manual
1 x Side-mirror accessory
1 x Hook accessory
1 x Magnet accessory

List Price: Price Not Listed
New From: 0 Out of Stock

Good animation of an AK-47 operating

I’ve seen other animations in the past that didn’t get into as much detail as this one.  In this video you get a pretty good demo of how the various parts work during the firing and automated loading of the AK-47 but they got the trigger wrong, etc.  This one shows the disconnector and trigger hook operating in the right manner for example.  I’m posting it because I think it always helps to understand what is going on inside a firearm for when you want to tune it, figure out what might be going wrong, and so forth.

What is a Ferrule on Yugo and AK Rifles?

A ferrule is a metal end cap found on some wood grips and handguards to protect the end grain of the wood from being hammered and splitting open.  They were used on different country’s weapons and are usually not interchangeable between countries.  For example, Bulgarian and Yugo ferrules are different.

Near and dear to me are the metal ferrules on Yugoslav / Zastave wood lower handguards.  The following photo shows a M92 lower and the black metal cap is the ferrule.  This ferrule does not fit everything Yugo – just the M70, M85/92, and M77.  The M72 and M76 are unique sizes.


You have three options when you need a ferrule:  1) Find a used one and this is real hard – try posting in the Marketplace of and see if they have one.  2) Buy a replica ferrule from us or 3) Simply pry the old ferrule off, put it on the new handguard and the squeeze the tabs shut again with a pair of pliers.

DSC_0320 DSC_0322 DSC_0323

Note if you are putting it on one of our plastic handguards either just set it on it with the ears closed or glue it in place.  Absolutely do not try to squeeze the ears shut — the little metal divots will not dig into our plastic and you risk snapping the handguard tabs.  Again, either slide it on or glue it in place with something like rubber glue or Goop that you can later remove if you want.  Epoxy works too but it is pretty permanent.

For example, I just slid the ferrule on the M70 bulged handguard in the next photo.

I hope this helps!

The following link is to the page on our web store with our various Yugoslav / Zasatav rifle and pistol furniture offerings:

Video: How to Field Strip an AK Rifle

To me, the AK family of rifles are some of the easiest designs on the planet to field strip … but I have done it hundreds of times.  For a newcomer, how to take the rifle apart can be daunting.  I took a few minutes and assembled some of my favorite videos and online resources / manuals to help clarify matters:

AK manuals that are online:

YouTube Videos:

Now Brownell’s did some videos on Youtube also but they split them into separate parts:

Part 1 – Disassembly:

Part 4 – Reassembly


We will have a future post about cleaning and maintenance so keep an eye out for it.