How to Bullet Drop Test a Barrel?

Plenty of AK barrel have seen heavy use and some are pretty much sewer pipes at this point – blown out, dirty and most of the rifling a distant memory.  A quick way to check is to take a cartridge of the correct caliber, such as 7.62×39, and put it in the muzzle.  If it stops before the case hits, there is hope.  It the case hits or even goes into the muzzle, the barrel is pretty much history.





I’m not saying the barrel is perfect but it may still be useful.  I built both M70 stubs on their original barrels and they shot good enough – about 8-10″ – at 100 yards fired with iron sights with cheap ammo.  Still a fun rifle to shoot though.

If a barrel fails, I would definitely get a replacement and not even bother trying to use it but that’s just me.  I’ve known a few guys over the years that proudly built and fired sewer pipe rifles.

Build Your Own AK (Vol. I): Headspacing & Virgin Barrel Population (Kindle Edition)

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Volume I covers both headspacing procedures and the population of the barrel components in a non-original barrel or virgin barrel AK parts kit. Both AK-47 and Ak-74 build procedures are described in the first book.
Topics include:
– Measuring the barrel journals
– Cut extractor relief on chamber end of the barrel
– Cut the clocking notches for the lower hand guard retainer
– Strip bolt, in preparation for headspace check
– Align, and press front trunnion onto chamber end of barrel
– Headspacing
– End mill/ream barrel pin notch, and set barrel pin
– Install, and drill/pin Rear Sight Base
– Locate, and cut lower handguard retaining notch
– Gas Port location
– Install Lower Handguard Retainer
– Install, and align the gas block
– Drill and pin the gas block
– Install, and align the Front Sight Base
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