Brownells Has Agressive Texture Polymer80 Frames back In stock

Hi folks,

Brownells now has their exclusive aggressive texture Polymer80 frames back in stock – they sold out around Christmas if memory serves. They offer both 80% unserialized frames as well as serialized receivers.

Brownells Exclusive Aggressive Textured Polymer80 Frames

In case you are new to Polymer80 frames, they are high quality and if you do your part right, the results are rock solid. There is a ton of guidance on how to build one and also vendors selling parts ranging from OEM Glock Gen3 to aftermarket everything.

Polymer80 and Glock Parts Vendors

When you want to customize your Polymer80 or Glock, or you need replacement parts, there are a number of solid vendors you can go to:

Those are all reputable vendors and aren’t going to sell you inferior counterfeit products.

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